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Agreement for hiring the Neuadd Dyfi premises and facilities, or part thereof.


Parties to this agreement.
1. The Management Committee of the Neuadd Dyfi, acting by the bookings secretary; and
2.The Hirer: (Please print)
Address Telephone Number.


(a) Purpose of hiring:


(b) Period of hiring:
Dates. From. To.

Hours. From To.

(c) Facilities to be hired.
Meeting room. Main hall and stage. Meeting room main hall and stage.Studio or whole building or combination

(d) Total hire charge (includes electricity). £.
(Payable within three days after the hiring, or, with prior approval of bookings secretary, within seven days of date of invoice)

(e) The hirer agrees to observe and perform the terms and conditions contained or referred to in the Neuadd Dyfi Standard Conditions of Hire applicable at the time of hire. A copy of the current conditions is attached hereto.

(f) Amendments.
Conditions numbered,
of the Standard Conditions of Hire do not apply to this hiring. The following special conditions apply to this hiring:

Signed by---------------------------- Signed by -------------------------------
(Please print name). Date. Date. Bookings Secretary.
For and on behalf of the Hirer. For and on behalf of the Neuadd Dyfi.

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