August 2009

Early Success in grant applications! We have been awarded £300,000 CFAP and a further £10,000 from the Snowdonia national Park CAE fund for the community Annexe project. There is still a long way to our £771K target but it is a great start.

See CFAP for details of all the awards.

Other applications are in the pipeline

The purchase plans are progressing well with the new governing document agreed in principle by the Charity Commission and the transfer deeds terms by Gwynedd Council

April 2009

As agreed at the AGM there was anOpen meeting To discuss the sale of theNeuadd Dyfi Tuesday February 24th at 7.30 PM at the Neuadd Dyfi

Gwynedd Council wishes to sell the Neuadd Dyfi. They are committed to ensure continued use as a community facility and will only sell with these safeguards in place.

The Management Committee and The Community Council have agreed that it would be appropriate to accept their offer for a number of reasons.The open meeting was a great success. It was well attended and incredibly positive. The proposal that the management committee should purchase the freehold was carried unanimously.

We have now instructed our solicitors to proceed. Searches are being done contracts are being prepared. We will now have to fundraise to help pay for it. Ideas are most welcome.


Click here for detail of "to buy or not to buy"

Latest News October 20th 2008

Planning permision granted

With a generous donation from the Aberdyfi players and AAI we now have designed a scaled down scheme is complete. Many thanks to the Peter Saunders Trust for their generous donation of £1500 towards the design fees. A planning application was submitted during the summer and we have just been notified that it has been approved!

Our quantity surveyor has prepared various cost pans separating out the key elements.Funding could be sort for individual parts or the whole scheme which is about £600k

We are now preparing applications to Big Lottery, The Rural Development Plan and various other bodies for funding

The planning application can be viewed online

Planning Application Ref: NP5/50/109C Copy this reference and paste it into planning form found by
Clicking here

May 2008

Our lease runs out in 2014 and we have ongoing negotiations with Gwynedd Council to plan the future. Essentially there are two options:-
1) Take on a new lease
2) Purchase the freehold

Each option would be significantly different from the status quo.
Option 1 would be at a higher rent and with additional cost of insurance and maintenance. Gwynedd Council would continue to be the landlord.
Option 2 would involve a purchase cost (not agreed but what has been talked about is achievable) there would be the additional costs of insurance and maintenance.

The considered opinion is that community ownership is probably the best option with the community Council acting as custodian trustee. This is yet to be agreed and confirmed.

Gwynedd Council would prefer to sell the building.